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Fine artist and designer ... musing and making art in the Upper Midwest (RoseAppleFarmVille, USA).

New “Zine-Style” Design Portfolio

cover of my new product design portfolio - please click to see more

Click to view my Product Design Portfolio on ISSUU.com!

As I continue to switch my focus back towards designing, both product and graphic design, I’ve noticed with chagrin that my online portfolio could use a serious dust-off.  (Jeez, it’s been how long?)  So it’s time to swap out some art, and give it an updated “magazine-style” look, and a sharper focus on my designing strengths. Plus I love the page-turning effect!

For those whose viewers are compatible, the new and improved version should appear below, thanks to ISSUU.com. The embedded magazine doesn’t work in all viewers, so if you don’t see it below, please click HERE to view it on ISSUU.com!

Like what you see? I’m available for freelance and contract work — please email me at bjcmstudio@aol.com!


Fall at the Studio

I can’t believe it’s October! Though the weather outside today looks more like rainy April, and in typical Minnesota fashion, we had mid-40s last week and will have high 70s next week. The leaves are late to turn this year, which makes it a bit more surreal. Usually the view out my studio window would be a lot more colorful by now.

My new Barn Owl pillows; art by Barbara JC Musch

New “Barn Owl” pillows!

It’s been a busy fall at the Musch home and BJCM Studio, with home-improvement projects such as removing a gigantic old defunct hot tub from our sun room, making it suddenly an open, friendly reading room. A lot of work, but my favorite part was fitting it out with comfy furniture, and I ordered some neat pillows from Zazzle.com with my barn owl paintings on them as the finishing touch!

I’ve also had a bunch of fun freelance design work. Unfortunately, client privacy restricts me sharing some of work until it’s in stores — dang it! And it’s the kind I love to share … things involving bassett hound puppies and and witch fingers and sea urchins, and things like that.

Da Barn

Our Book Barn gets a new door.

A peek at the new door — and the chaos that is my studio right now.

What I definitely can share, is that I’ve also been giving our Little Free Library “Book Barn” a face-lift. Last spring, wet weather took it’s toll, and the door warped enough to let in moisture. And, well, a spider … it’s never fun to reach for a book and find it’s webbed to the shelf!

But now, my ever-inventive father has given it a new weather-proof door!  Seriously — this thing is literally made of airplane flooring material in a metal frame, with an extra insulated lip. Did I mention my dad does things thoroughly? As a trade-off, I painted a bunch of steel birds and butterflies for some trellises he’s working on.  (Bird and butterfly pix are below.)

But back to the Book Barn. The inside still needs to be scraped and repainted, but it’s nearly ready. A new stack of donated books are ready and waiting. And it will be good to get that monster out from the middle of my studio!

Birds for an iron trellis by my talented blacksmith father, Dick Carlson!

Birds for an iron trellis being crafted by my talented blacksmith father, Dick Carlson!

Metal butterflies for a trellis by Dick Carlson

And some butterflies, too, just to mix things up!

I promise to post more pics when the new-and-improved barn is back up and open for business.

If I can get pics of the finished trellises, I’ll try to post those, too!