New “Zine-Style” Design Portfolio

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As I continue to switch my focus back towards designing, both product and graphic design, I’ve noticed with chagrin that my online portfolio could use a serious dust-off.  (Jeez, it’s been how long?)  So it’s time to swap out some art, and give it an updated “magazine-style” look, and a sharper focus on my designing strengths. Plus I love the page-turning effect!

For those whose viewers are compatible, the new and improved version should appear below, thanks to The embedded magazine doesn’t work in all viewers, so if you don’t see it below, please click HERE to view it on!

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Heavenly sketchbook recycling

I’ve had this old blank book sitting in my studio closet for years.  It used to be an ugly grandma-floral-print thing, but it was a cloth-bound hardcover, and is a great pocket size (4″ x 6″), so I couldn’t quite toss it.  This week, I decided to just paint it!

Funky angel painting on my old sketchbook

I recycled this old blank book with acrylic and colored pencil.

Now I’ve got a funky sketchbook that fits easily in my purse.  No excuse not to sketch every day!

Side Note:  Names

Yes, I do name my sketchbooks; weird, I know.  This one is called “Pockets”.  Some are christened when I start them, but many get their names when I’m in the middle of filling them.  I love sketchbooks and journals and have a bad habit of starting several at once.

A few of my other named sketchbooks include “Treading Water”, “Ventures I & II”, “Waterwork”, “Vocatus”, and “Lucious Slices”.  (I also have a journal that came to be named “Canto Primo” because I kept starting over in it after long gaps in time.)