Horsing Around – Complete!

Here is the completed oil painting!  She appears to have both palomino and appaloosa in her, and unusual facial markings.

Daisy, a horse oil painting by B J C M Studio

(click to enlarge)

reference photos for "Daisy" horse painting

Some of the reference photos provided by the client. (click to enlarge)

Just to give you an idea what she looks like in real life, and to show you some of the challenges that come with working from photos, here are some of the ones I used.  I removed the bridle and extraneous shadows, removed distracting background elements, and adjusted the lighting to reflect her truer colors.

I had a lot of feedback from the client as I worked, which was vital.  I also studied horses with similar coloring, to help compensate for the photos, most of which are skewed very orange.

I hope I’ve captured her spirit and personality as much as a resemblance!


Working Large

I’m working on a huge canvas!  Here are some peeks at the work in progress:

Next: add some clouds, and wrap it all up!